Friday, June 24, 2011


Natore is a district of Bangladesh and it is located in Rajshahi Division of north-western Bangladesh. This district is bounded by Pabna and Sirajganj districts on the east, Rajshahi district on the west, Kushtia districts on the south and Naogaon and Bogra districts on the north. Since in 1769-1825, Natore was the District Head Quarters of Rajshahi but in 1825 administrative Natore subdivision was established under Rajshahi district. But after the independence of Bangladesh this subdivision made a district in 1984. In Natore’s Lalpur is the
lowest Average annual rainfall area of Bangladesh. Most part of Natore district is plain land.

Natore district has a total area of 1890.01 square kilometers where the town has an area of 403.19 square kilometers. This district consists of 6 Upazillas (Natore Sadar, Lalpur, Gurudaspur, Bagatipara, Sringa and Baraigram). The district has a total population of 1523411 (Muslims 92%, Hindus 7% and other religion 01%), where, male 53.17% and female 46.83%. Here the average literacy rate is 61.74%. The Natore town has a population of 74662, where male 51.11% and female 48.89%. This town consists of 8 Municipalities (Natore, Sringa, Bonpara, Natore Sadar Upazilla, Gurudaspur, Gopalpur, Boraigram and Bagatipara), 9 wards and 33 mahallas. Natore Sadar has 15 Wards, 275 Mauzas and 310 villages.

Natore has a very good transport system with links to Rajshahi and all the districts of Bangladesh. The main transport system in the city is train, buses, mini buses, cars and rickshaws. This district is well connected by highways and railways links to northern Bangladesh and capital city Dhaka, as well as other parts of Rajshahi, Khulna, Rangpur, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet and the whole country. Government owned Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTC) provides bus services to Rajshahi and Natore cities. Besides this, many different companies bus are also available.

Economical environment in the Natore is medium. The rural economy of Natore is agriculture. Not too many industries and mills but now a day many small and medium industries and mills are increasing day by day. Now Natore has a lot of mills include- Paksey paper mill, saw mill, sugar mill, jute press, edible oil mill, rice and flour mill, Square (Bangladesh) pharmaceutical company, biscuit factory, cotton mill, ice factory, welding, cold storage etc. Natore has also 829 Dairies, 55 fisheries, 412 poultry and 24 hatcheries. The main crops in this region is Paddy, jute, sugarcane, oil seeds, wheat, onion, garlic, pulses, betel leaf etc. and the main fruits of this region is Mango, Banana, Lychee (generally known as lichu), Jackfruit, Cocoanut, Papaya, Guava etc. “Kacha Golla” is one kind of sweet and it is the famous product all over the country for its taste. It is made from milk.

Natore has also some educational facilities. There are 5 Government colleges, 93 Non-Government colleges, 3 Government high schools, 246 Non-Government high schools, 409 Government Primary Schools, 135 Madrassas, 1 Teacher's Training College and 1 Nursing Institution. Nawab Siraj-Ud Dowla (N.S) Govt. College (1956) is the largest and oldest college of Natore.

There are some tourist attraction in Natore include Rani Bhabanir Rajbari (The palace of Queen Bhabani), Chalan Beel, Pagla Raja's Palace, Natore Adunik Stadium, Palace of Bagati Para, Modoner Pukur Par, Dighapatiya Rajbari, Beautiful village of Moshinda, Maharaja's Palace, Pran-Agro Limited Industry, Natore Sugar Mills and North Bengal Sugar Mills and the "Shaheed Sagar" memorial on the mill campus.

Natore also produces some notable person in the Bangladesh’s history, such as Maharanee Bhabanee, Maharaja Jagadindranath Roy, Rahman Henry, Jadunath Sarkar, Pramathanath Bishi, Kumar Sharatkumar Roy and Jibonanondo Das’s fictional character Banalata Sen.

Natore is also famous all over the country for Kacha Golla and Jibonanondo Das’s fictional character (Bonolota Sen). So, if you visit here, don’t miss it. If you want to know more about Natore, please visit: Natore Government Web Portal.


  1. I like this district because this is Jibonanondo Das's fictional Character Bonolota Sen's district.

  2. Natore is Jibonanondo Das's dreamable district. I like this district and i am very happy about your post.

  3. Natore is a historical place for Bangladesh and this city is really beautiful.