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Rajshahi city is the divisional headquarters of Rajshahi division. It is one of the seven administrative divisions of Bangladesh as well as one of the six metropolitan cities of the country. Rajshahi is located on the north-west of the country. The famous river Padma borders Rajshahi division on the south and another famous river Jamuna, lies across the eastern border. In the West, Rajshahi division shares a border with India. Rajshahi, the divisional city is only four hours journey away from the capital city, Dhaka. Recently a new division has
been curved out of Rajshahi Division namely Rangpur Division. So the given area and population will definitely decrease in the division. Now it has a population of almost 3, 17,000 people and area of about 35, 629 sq miters.

Rajshahi is well known for its fruits, especially for Mango and Lychee. But Rajshahi is famous for its silk industries. Fine, good quality and cheap silk products of Rajshahi have earned it the nickname “Silk City”. Rajshahi is also called “Education City” in Bangladesh, because besides the beautiful Mango Orchards and river beaches, it is home to renowned educational institutions covering almost all of professional and cultural fields available within the country. The city is another tourist destination of Bangladesh, due to number of shrines, ancient mosques and temples in and around the Rajshahi city.

During the liberation war of 1971, Rajshahi witnessed both by the Pakistan army and heroic freedom fighters. The largest mass grave in Bangladesh is located in Rajshahi University, which was used as Pakistani army camp during the liberation war of 1971. On the other hand, one of the biggest great battles of the war took place near Rajshahi. Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir, who died in battle, was awarded the highest honour (Bir Srestho) by the Bangladesh government after the war.

Rajshahi division consists of 8 districts, 70 Upazilas and 1,092 Unions. But the city consists of 4 Police stations, 35 Wards and 175 mahallahs. The city is administrated by the Rajshahi City Corporation. The city corporation is responsible for all the administrative work. Rajshahi Municipality was one of the first municipalities in Bangladesh and it was established in 1876. Rajshahi Municipality was renamed as Rajshahi Pourasavha and finally, Rajshahi Pourasavha was declared Rajshahi City Corporation in 1991. Besides the Rajshahi City Corporation, a governing body named Rajshahi Development Authority-RDA (Rajshahi Unnayan Kortripokkho) is there to plan the development of the city and to coordinate all the development related work. RDA (Rajshahi Development Authority) owns one of the major markets of Rajshahi which is known as RDA market.
Rajshahi is an important educational center in Bangladesh. Some major educational institutes are Rajshahi University (RU), Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi College, Shah Mokhdum Collage, Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi City College, Barendra College, Islami Bank Medical College (Rajshahi Campus), Asian University of Bangladesh (Rajshahi Campus), Rajshahi Polytechnique Institute, Teacher’s Training College, Shahid Mamun Mahmud High School and College (Police Line), Rajshahi Collegiate School, Government Laboratory High School (Rajshahi), Government Madrasha High School (Rajshahi), Rajshahi Model School and College, Masjid Mission Academy (Rajshahi), Rajshahi Muslim High School, P.N Govt. High School, Rajshahi High Madrasha, Postal Academy of Bangladesh, Rajshahi Loknath High School, Shiroil Govt. High School (Rajshahi), Rajshahi University School and College, Rajshahi Mohila Polytechnique Institute, Shardah Government Pilot High School, Adarsho karigori & Banijjik college (Hatemkhan, Rajshahi-6000), River View High School, Rajshahi, Adarsho T.T. College (Rajshahi), International Hifjul Quraan Academy, Bangladesh polytechnique Institute, Jamiah Darul Uswah, Shahmokhdum R/A (Sopura, Rajshahi), Shahid Najmul Huq Girls' High School etc. University of Rajshahi (1953) is the second largest University of Bangladesh and RUET (1964) is the only engineering institute in northern part of Bangladesh.

Rajshahi has a very good transportation system. It is connected with rest of country through roads, rail and water. But it is unfortunate that, Rajshahi has no air transportation system till the end of the year 2010. Though an airport named the famous preacher Hazrat Shah Makhdum (Rh.), but presently it has been no service any domestic or international flights from this airport. Bus, train, cars and auto rickshaws are the main transportation system in the Rajshahi. This system is very good. It takes near 5 to 7 hours by road to reach the capital (Dhaka). A number of air conditioned and non-air conditioned buses are available for Rajshahi to Dhaka and also available for other major districts. Bangladesh Railway also operates their daily schedules for Rajshahi.

Rajshahi is famous for its fruits, especially for mango and lichi. Rajshahi also produces a lot of usual agricultural products of Bangladesh, such as rice, wheat, potatoes, lentils, sugarcanes, watermelons, carrot and onion. Rajshahi division is also well known for production of high quality and tender beef and mutton, as well as other dairy produce. Rajshahi is still an unexplored area for the establishment of poultry hatchery, fish grow-outs and fish processing. But Rajshahi has a jute mill, a sugar mill and many mango based industries.
Rajshahi has also some attractive places, like Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum (Rh.), Dargahpara, Varendra Research Museum, Shompur Bihar, Chalan Beel, Puthia Temple Complex, Shona Mosque, Bagha Mosque, Kusumba Mosque, Central Park and Zoo, Baliapukur, Shiroil, Harian, Motihar, horagram bazar, Kazla Talaimari, Kazihata, Bolonpur and borokuthi etc.

Some famous person associated with Rajshahi include: Professor Shamsuzzoha, Ferdousdoula Babul (Freedom fighter, died on 26 November 1971 by Pakistani Army), Abul Hasnat Mohammad Kamruzzaman- Politician (1926-1975), Allama Mian Muhammad Qasimi(Rh.), Khoda Box Mridha- Sports Commenter, Andru Kishor- Singer, Aminul Islam Bulbul- Cricketer (First Bangladeshi, who made his test hundred in the Bangladesh’s first test match), Khaled Masud Pilot- Cricketer, Junaiyed Siddique- Crickter, AKM Rezaul Haq Khan (Islamic Thinker), Shafiqur Rahman- Educationist, Nusrat Rahman- Educationist, Ila Mitra, Hasan Azizul Haque, Pandit Radhika Mohan Maitra, Kamalesh Kumar Das- Joint Secretary (Govt. of Bangladesh), Hasnain Bari- ICT Specialist, Hasan Chowdhury- Singer, Mrinal Haque- Sculptor, Ashfaqul Bari Rumon- Mechanical Engineer and Musical Band Artist of Parthibo, Sree Ragunath Das, Sharmili Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Md. Shahidullah (1937–2008)- BSc, Scholar and Professor of Anatomy Rajshahi Medical College, Ramaprasad Chanda etc.

For many reason, Rajshahi is well known all over the world and Bangladesh. So, it is one of the major parts of Bangladesh.

If you want to know more about Rajshahi, please visit: Rajshahi Government Web Portal.


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