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Bir Sreshtho Mostofa Kamal (Battle of Gangasagar - Brahmanbari & Battle of Daruin - Comilla)

Bir Sreshtho Mostofa Kamal is another great hero of Bangladesh and he is generally known as Shaheed (martyr) Shipahi (an official position of Bangladesh Army) Mostofa Kamal. “Bir Sreshtho” is the highest recognition of bravery of Bangladesh. Mostofa Kamal scarified his life during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 and showed his unbelievable performance. Mostofa Kamal was killed in a defensive battle against the occupying Pakistan Army in Daruin village of Comilla. His actions inflicted heavy casualties on his enemy squads. He
saved his teammates and the whole Bangladesh by sacrificed his life.

Shipahi Mostofa Kamal was born in Poshchim Hajipur village under Daulatkhana upazilla in Bhola district in 1947. His father Md. Habibur Rahman was a Habildar (a lower official position of Pakistani Army, who serving the army) in the Pakistani Army. The birth of Mostofa Kamal brought happiness to his parents who were determined to bring him up with extra care. Mostofa Kamal passed his childhood with his parents in the cantonment where he had the scope of witnessing the disciplined life of soldiers. As the days passed by he was fascinated by the military profession and started nurturing the dream of becoming a soldier. But his father was reluctant to allow him to join the Army.

Mostofa Kamal escaped from his house without informing anyone due to his parent’s decision and he joined the East Bengal Regiment on 16 December 1967. Mostofa Kamal was also a well known boxer. It may be noted that the East Bengal Regimental Centre Boxing Ring was named after this great hero to recognize his excellence in the field of boxing which no doubt inspires today’s young soldiers. After the training, Mostofa Kamal was posted to 4th East Bengal Regiment which was located at Comilla Cantonment during the mid March in 1971. He displayed some extra ordinary qualities and as a result, he became one of the best soldiers of the unit in a very short time. He died on 18 April, 1971 and buried in Daruin, Comilla (near Akhaura).

Battle of Gangasagar – Brahmanbaria:

Gangasagar is located at Kasba Thana of Brahmanbaria near Akhaura. This battle will be remembered for long time due to supreme sacrifice of Mostofa Kamal. After the incidents of 25 March, 4th Regiment successfully brought Brahmanbaria under control. In April 1971, 4th East Bengal took up defensive position at Akhaura along the river Titas after fighting a series of smaller engagements. Pakistani squads led by 12 Frontier Force (FF), which was advancing from Comilla, succeeded in capturing Saidabad. The enemy then advanced further along the railway line and contacted the defense at Gangasagar. Shipahi Mostofa Kamal was a member of the number 2 Platoon of A Company. On 13 April 1971, the Pakistani forces reached Gangasagar and they attacked Akhaura from Brahmanbaria but their advance was effectively stopped on the southern side of Hawra Nadi by the platoon of Shipahi Md. Mostofa Kamal. Then Pakistani squads immediately launched a quick operation on own defensive position at Daruin supported by heavy artillery fire, but own squads repulsed their attack firmly causing the death of 3 Pakistani officers and about 75-80 soldiers. A fresh battalion was inducted by the Pakistani Brigade Commander and was ordered to clear village Daruin within next two days.

Battle of Daruin – Comilla:

The 4th Regiment set their camp in Gangashagar and Talshahar. To avoid any unexpected attacked from the Pakistani army, 2nd Platoon of the company "Alpha" was sent to Daruin village. Mostofa Kamal was one of the section commanders of 2nd Platoon. Pakistan Army started to approach towards the Regiment camp on 16 April 1971. They were coming over the railway of the Comilla-Akhaura root. The 4th regiment also reconciled their position at Daruin. They settled on their trenches near a pond. Mostofa Kamal took the rightmost position. On 17 April, 1971 number 11 platoon of Delta Company under Havilder Munir Ahmed was sent to strengthen the defense at Daruin. But Pakistani army opened fire at about 11:00 hours on 18 April, 1971. At around 12 PM the Pakistani army attacked Mukti Bahini from West. Another part of the Pakistani Army attacked from behind. As a result, the 4th Regiment had decided to retreat from Daruin. Mostofa Kamal took the responsibly to cover for his fellow fighters. Most of the fighters retreated to a safer position as Kamal relentlessly kept firing with his LMG. He managed to neutralize 8-10 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistani progressed slowly due to the continued fire from the LMG of Shipahi Mostofa Kamal. The last two soldiers who had been fighting alongside Shipahi Mostofa started withdrawing and requested Mostofa repeatedly to fall back. But Mostofa refused to leave his trench. He was well aware that the safe extrication of his comrades largely depended on his continued supporting fire. Pakistanis eventually closed within 50 meters of his trench and encircled him.

Pakistani army asked him to surrender. Mostofa, meanwhile, finished all his ammunition. At this critical situation of his life Mostofa showed unbelievable courage and decided not to surrender. He utilized both the grenades as the enemy reached within grenade firing distance. He then jumped out of his trench and charged on the enemy with the empty LMG shouting “JOY BANGLA”. In the process he received a heavy volume of fire. He along with 20 to 40 other soldiers died at this battle.

After the independence of Bangladesh in recognition of his sacrifice in the War of Liberation he was honored with the highest state insignia of “Bir Sreshtho”.


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    Bir sershto Mostofa kamal is another great person of Bangladesh, for their great sacrifice, we are up in this world.

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