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Sylhet is another major city of Bangladesh and also the main city of Sylhet division and Sylhet district. It was granted its metropolitan city status in March 2009. Sylhet is located on the banks of the Surma River and is surrounded by the Tripura, Khasi and Jaintia hills. About 5, 60,000 people live in the city. It is also another largest city of Bangladesh. Sylhet is also well known for its tea garden and tropical forests. The city is one of the major commercial areas of Bangladesh. Due to many luxury shopping malls, hotels, motels and
housing estates, it is well known for the whole world.

                         The Sylhet city is described as a city of saints. Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) and Hazrat Shah Paran (R)’s shrine is one of the main attractions of Sylhet. In 1303 Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) arrived in Sylhet from Mecca via Delhi and Dhaka. Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) and his 360 companions began to spreading the religion (Islam) to other parts of the country. He breathed his last around the year 1350 in Sylhet. His shrine is located in the north of the city. After Hazrat Shah Paran (R) arrived in Sylhet. His shrine is also located in Sylhet. After that, Sylhet became a center of Islam in Bengal. During Bangladesh Liberation war in 1970, Sylhet also played an important role in Bangladesh. Many historians believe that Sylhet was an extraordinary commercial center from the ancient period of Bangladesh.

Sylhet has a population of 27, 79,158 as of 2010 and constituting 2.07% of the national population. The population growth rate of the city is 1.76% and the literacy rate of 71.84%. The Sylheti language is the main language spoken in the city as well as throughout the division, and is considered as a dialect of Bengali, which does not contain a written form, where in this case Bengali is written, and sometimes spoken. Most of the Sylheties are Muslims (85%) and other religious groups include Hindus (14%), Buddhists and Christians (01%). Thousands of foreigners have origins in Sylhet. The largest numbers of people from Sylhet living abroad is in the United Kingdom, with a population of about 300,000 (95% of the Bangladeshi population). Several people are also working as foreign workers in the Middle East countries.

                  Sylhet has also many educational institutes like Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet Engineering College, Osmani Medical College, Sylhet Polytechnic institute, Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College, Murari Chand College, Sylhet Law College, Modon Mohon College, Government College Sylhet, Women’s College Sylhet, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet Cadet College, Sylhet International University, Sylhet Metropolitan University, Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital, Durre Samad Red Crescent Medical College, North East Medical College and Hospitals and Sylhet Women’s Medical College. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is the first Science and Technology University established in Bangladesh and it is also a popular university in the Bangladesh. Jamia Tawakkulia Renga Madrasha is one of the oldest Arabic institutions in the Sylhet.

There are many large shopping malls in the Sylhet city, like Sylhet Plaza, Sylhet Millenium, Al-Hamra Shopping City, Sukria Market, Bluewater and many others. These malls sell many items in particular from a wide range of sarees. But confectionary and cosmetics is mainly available in Bondor Bazar and textiles and handicrafts are available in Zinda Bazar. Sylheties are celebrated their festivals normally. Sylhet has also some notable legends include Hazrat Shah Jalal (R), Hazrat Shah Paran (R), M.A.G Osmani, Hason Raja, Shah Abdul Karim, and Radha Romon etc.

                  The main transport system in the city is train, buses, mini buses, cars and rickshaws. Sylhet is well connected by highways and railways links to Chittagong and Dhaka, as well as other parts of Sylhet and the whole country. Highway links to India have been established through the Asian highway. Sylhet city has also an international airport. It is “Osmani International Airport”. It is Bangladesh's third busiest airport.

Sylhet division has extraordinary tourism potentials. There is a deep green carpet of tea plants on small hillocks. Jaflong and Madhabkunda waterfall is one of the main attractions of Sylhet. Besides this the major tourist destinations in the city are Sripur, Habiganj, Golapganj Botanical Gardens and Maulavi Bazar. Due to Migratory birds in winter, haor areas are very attractive in the Sylhet.

Sylhet city is a small city with an area of about 27 k.m. Currently the city is administrated by the Sylhet City Corporation. The Sylhet City Corporation is responsible for the services that are provided within the city which includes traffic, roads, garbage collection, water supply, registrations and many others. The corporation consists of the Chairman and 22 other Commissioners, and focuses on the development of the city. Sylhet consists of 27 wards and 210 mahallas. At present, Sylhet is the district-headquarters as well as the divisional headquarters of the districts of Sunamganj, Habiganj, Maulavi Bazar and Sylhet District.

                    Remittance is the key element of the economic growth of the Sylhet city and also the region. The money is mainly sent by foreign Bangladeshis of Sylhet living abroad, particularly the United Kingdom, majority of the community originate from Sylhet. These expatriates are now looking to invest in the city. The flow of remittances increased by 26% to $4.91 billion, during the fiscal year of 2005- 06. The Bangladesh government has taken steps to create a SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in Sylhet. It is the first SEZ to be created in Bangladesh. Without the interference of government finance, the SEZ only allows public-private partnership. Investments by British Bangladeshis led the way for two additional privately owned airlines, United Airways and Royal Bengal Airlines, to launch services in 2007. The investment is regarded to serve the Sylheti population living in the UK.

The most popular sports in the Sylhet are Cricket and Football. These sports are also popular throughout the Bangladesh. Sylhet Division is the largest team in the Sylhet. M.A.G. Osmani Stadium (Sylhet Stadium) is the only stadium in the city, and one of the two in the division. Notable players from Sylhet who have played for the national cricket team include Alok Kapali, Rajin Saleh, Enamul Haque Jr and Tapash Baisya.

Due to many reason it is one of the major cities in north- eastern Bangladesh.

If you want to know more about Sylhet, please visit: Sylhet Government Web Portal.


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