Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zip Codes of Sherpur District

Zip Codes are a system of postal codes used by the Bangladesh Postal Service. It is also known as Post codes or Postal codes. In Bangladesh, there are many Zip codes, Thanas and sub offices. So, it is not too easy to know your proper Zip code. So, we want to give you the solution about this. Zip Codes of Sherpur District are submitted below.

Zip/Post Code:        Thana (Police Station):           Sub Office:

2100                             Sherpur Shadar                      Sherpur Shadar

2110                               Nalitabari                               Nalitabari

2111                               Nalitabari                              Hatibandha

2120                               Jhinaigati                               Jhinaigati

2130                               Shribardi                                Shribardi

2140                              Bakshigonj                             Bakshigonj

2150                                 Nakla                                      Nakla

2151                                 Nakla                                   Gonopaddi

You can also visit: Bangladesh Post Office Online.

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