Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zip Codes of Tangail District

Zip Codes are a system of postal codes used by the Bangladesh Postal Service. It is also known as Post codes or Postal codes. In Bangladesh, there are many Zip codes, Thanas and sub offices. So, it is not too easy to know your proper Zip code. So, we want to give you the solution about this. Zip Codes of Tangail District are submitted below.

Zip/Post Code:              Thana (Police Station):               Sub Office:

1900                                     Tangail Sadar                          Tangail Sadar

1901                                     Tangail Sadar                             Kagmari

1902                                     Tangail Sadar                             Santosh

1903                                     Tangail Sadar                              Korotia

1904                                     Tangail Sadar                             Purabari

1910                                        Delduar                                    Delduar

1911                                        Delduar                                   Jangalia

1912                                        Delduar                                   Patharail

1913                                        Delduar                                   Patharail

1914                                        Delduar                                Hinga Nagar

1915                                        Delduar                                    Lowhati

1920                                         Basail                                       Basail

1930                                      Kashkaolia                               Kashkawlia

1936                                       Nagarpur                                   Nagarpur

1937                                       Nagarpur                                   Dhuburia

1938                                       Nagarpur                                 Salimabad

1940                                       Mirzapur                                    Mirzapur

1941                                       Mirzapur                                     Gorai

1942                                       Mirzapur                                M.C. College

1943                                       Mirzapur                                Warri paikpara

1944                                       Mirzapur                                   Jarmuki

1945                                       Mirzapur                                   Mohera

1950                                       Sakhipur                                  Sakhipur

1951                                     Sakhipur                                    Kochua

1960                                     Bhuapur                                     Bhuapur

1970                                     Kalihati                                       Kalihati

1971                                     Kalihati                                       Rajafair

1972                                     Kalihati                                       Nagbari

1973                                     Kalihati                                     Ballabazar

1974                                     Kalihati                                        Elinga

1975                                     Kalihati                                       Palisha

1976                                     Kalihati                                    Nagarbari SO

1977                                     Kalihati                                      Nagarbari

1980                                     Ghatail                                        Ghatial

1981                                     Ghatail                                       Zahidganj

1982                                     Ghatail                                      D. Pakutia

1983                                     Ghatail                                       Dhalapara

1984                                     Ghatail                                        Lohani

1990                                    Gopalpur                                    Gopalpur

1991                                    Gopalpur                                      Jhowail

1992                                    Gopalpur                                   Hemnagar

1996                                    Madhupur                                  Madhupur

1997                                    Madhupur                                   Dhobari

You can also visit: Bangladesh Post Office Online.

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