Monday, January 23, 2012

Zip Codes of Manikganj District

Zip Codes are a system of postal codes used by the Bangladesh Postal Service. It is also known as Post codes or Postal codes. In Bangladesh, there are many Zip codes, Thanas and sub offices. So, it is not too easy to know your proper Zip code. So, we want to give you the solution about this. Zip Codes of Manikganj District are submitted below.

Zip/Post Code:                   Thana (Police Station):                       Sub Office:

1800                                          Manikganj Sadar                          Manikganj Sadar

1801                                          Manikganj Sadar                          Manikganj Bazar

1802                                          Manikganj Sadar                               Gorpara

1803                                          Manikganj Sadar                           Mahadebpur

1804                                          Manikganj Sadar                               Barangail

1810                                          Manikganj Sadar                               Barangail

1811                                              Saturia                                            Baliati

1820                                              Singari                                            Singair

1821                                              Singari                                            Baira

1822                                              Singari                                         joymantop

1830                                           Lechhraganj                                   Lechhraganj

1831                                           Lechhraganj                                       Jhitka

1840                                              Gheor                                             Gheor

1850                                             Shibloya                                          Shibaloy

1851                                             Shibloya                                          Aricha

1852                                             Shibloya                                           Tewta

1853                                             Shibloya                                            Uthli

1860                                            Doulatpur                                        Doulatpur

You can also visit: Bangladesh Post Office Online.

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