Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zip Codes of Jamalpur District

Zip Codes are a system of postal codes used by the Bangladesh Postal Service. It is also known as Post codes or Postal codes. In Bangladesh, there are many Zip codes, Thanas and sub offices. So, it is not too easy to know your proper Zip code. So, we want to give you the solution about this. Zip Codes of Jamalpur District are submitted below.

Zip/Post Code:           Thana (Police Station):        Sub Office:

2000                                   Jamalpur                              Jamalpur

2001                                   Jamalpur                              Nandina

2002                                   Jamalpur                              Narundi

2010                                  Malandah                             Malandah

2011                                  Malandah                             Jamalpur

2012                                  Malandah                             Malancha

2013                                  Malandah                          Mahmoodpur

2020                                  Islampur                               Islampur

2021                                  Islampur                               Durmoot

2022                                  Islampur                                 Gilabari

2030                                Dewangonj                            Dewangonj

2031                                Dewangonj                      Dewangonj S. Mills

2040                               Mathargonj                            Mathargonj

2041                                Mathargonj                            Balijhuri

2050                               Shorishabari                         Shorishabari

2051                               Shorishabari                          Gunerbari

2052                               Shorishabari                            Bausee

2053                               Shorishabari                      Jagannath Ghat

2054                               Shorishabari                            Pingna

2055                               Shorishabari                  Jamuna Sar Karkhana

You can also visit: Bangladesh Post Office Online.

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