Friday, February 17, 2012

100th Post with an anniversary and lots of hope

Assalamu Alaikum

Welcome, welcome to our all readers, visitors, users, Bangladeshi people and Non-Bangladeshi people. Today is the first anniversary of Bangladesh Continual and this is the 100th Post of this website. One year ago on 17th February 2011, we started our journey and today is the 17th February 2012 and still we are continuing on the journey. During this time, we found lots of response about
our country and our website. We also found near about 110 comments, 16100 visitors and 2100 email. So, it is a great pleasure to us that, you are happy to know about Bangladesh. We also see that, lots of Non-Bangladeshi people are very curious about to know. Our main goal is still to serve you the true information about Bangladesh.

This is the month of February. In this month especially on 21st February 1952, only Bangladeshi people gave up their blood and life for their mother tongue. But unfortunately, this is our failure that, we can not serve our information through Bengali language. Yes, this is one of the great reason that, Bengali is not the main language of the world but it is still the 4th official language in the world. But we hope that, one day we will give you our information at least Bengali and English both Languages. We also hope that, after some days we will see Bengali language is one of the official languages of UNESCO.

Today the 41st years after our independence we see that we are again on the war. But this is not any guns war but it is too much dangerous than gun wars. Number 1. Today we are on the cyber war and number 2. We are on the financial war. Cyber war is too much dangerous than any other wars because in this era, it is impossible to continue our life with our technology. So, if cyber world will damage, it will affect all countries livelihood, finance, communication and education. But it is true that, India’s BSF is too much evil than any other countries boarder guard’s group. BSF already killed lots of Bangladeshi people and they are continuing. Earlier many times India’s Government said that, it will be stopped but there is no result. As a Bangladeshi Cyber Army started to hack BSF website and many other government website, Pakistan and Afghanistan also appreciate it and they also join with us. But war is not any solution, so we hope all the government members both of this country will solve this issue and they will protect the whole cyber world.

Another issue is our Financial. Today our financial environment has been full damaged due to lots of reason. As a result, so many people are going to mad for livelihood, shelter, money etc. But we also hope that, when we will celebrate our second anniversary of Bangladesh Continual, our country will free from all problems.

Yes, we are Bengali and we are so hopeful.

Thank you,
Founder Director of Bangladesh Continual.

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