Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bir Sreshtho (Seven Real Heroes In The History)

The “Bir Sreshtho” is a military award of Bangladesh and it is the highest military award of Bangladesh. It is the highest recognition of bravery of Bangladesh. It is similar to “The American Medal of Honor” or “The British Victoria Cross” award. It was awarded to seven freedom fighters that showed their utmost bravery in any dangerous situation in the battle and died in action for their motherland and for their independence. Besides this award, three gallantry awards are also available in Bangladesh. The other three gallantry awards are “Bir Uttom”, “Bir Bikrom” and
“Bir Protik”. All of these awards were introduced in 1971 after the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

Bir Sreshtho award was declared by the Bangladesh Gazette on 15th December 1973. All the recipients of this award were killed in action during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. In the war, millions of people lost their lives, millions of people injured, millions of people lost their home, millions of people lost their property and millions of people were subjected to untold miseries. But these seven heroes are preferred to embrace immortal death for their motherland and for their independence. They never thought anything for a moment without their independence and nation. They had unbelievable brave, limitless courage and highest sense of patriotism.

These seven heroes did not allow any presence of the enemy on land, sea and the air. They tried to save their land, sea and air for their next generation. They made a great contribution in the liberation war of Bangladesh and created a great footstep in the history. The heroic sacrifice of this seven Bir Sreshtho’s inspired all of the freedom fighters in the battle and helped to create a golden history in the world. In the war, many people lost their lives but these seven heroes appeared as a real hero and they did not afraid about their death. They dared to accept death as they cared for independence.

“Bir Sreshtho” is a similar award such as Argentine Nation to the Heroic Velour in Combat Cross in Argentina, Victoria Cross in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand; Virtuti Military in Poland, Hero of the Russian Federation in Russian Federation, Param Vir Chakra in India, Cross of Honor for Bravery in Germany, Nishan-e-Haider in Pakistan, Order of Michael the Brave Romania etc.

Seven Bir Sreshthos are listed below with their ID number and Rank:

1. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Mohiuddin Jahangir

Rank: Captain
ID Number: BSS-10439
Squad: Bangladesh Army.

2. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Hamidur Rahman

Rank: Sepoy
ID Number: 3943014
Squad: Bangladesh Army

3. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Mostofa Kamal

Rank: Sepoy
ID Number: 3937798
Squad: Bangladesh Army

4. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Matiur Rahman

Rank: Flight Lieutenant
ID Number: 4367 (Pakistan)
Squad: Bangladesh Air Force

5. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Mohammad Ruhul Amin

Rank: Engine Room Artificer, Class-1
ID Number: 62066
Squad: Bangladesh Navy

6. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Munshi Abdur Rouf

Rank: Lance Nayek
ID Number: Unavailable
Squad: Bangladesh Rifles

7. Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Nur Mohammad Sheikh

Rank: Lance Nayek
ID Number: 9459
Squad: Bangladesh Rifles

Note: Bangladesh Rifles is presently known as Border Guard Bangladesh.


  1. These seven heroes are really great due to save our Bangladesh.

  2. Seven Bir Sreshtho sacrificed their life for our freedom and as a result today we observe our 40th victory.