Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zip Codes of Netrokona District

Zip Codes are a system of postal codes used by the Bangladesh Postal Service. It is also known as Post codes or Postal codes. In Bangladesh, there are many Zip codes, Thanas and sub offices. So, it is not too easy to know your proper Zip code. So, we want to give you the solution about this. Zip Codes of Netrokona District are submitted below.

Zip/Post Code:                      Thana (Police Station):                   Sub Office:

2400                                          Netrakona Sadar                          Netrakona Sadar

2401                                          Netrakona Sadar                             Baikherhati

2410                                             Purbadhola                                   Purbadhola

2411                                             Purbadhola                                    Shamgonj

2412                                             Purbadhola                                 Jaria Jhanjhail

2416                                              Dhobaura                                      Dhobaura

2417                                              Dhobaura                                        Sakoai

2420                                            Kalmakanda                                   Kalmakanda

2430                                            Kalmakanda                                   Kalmakanda

2440                                              Barhatta                                          Barhatta

2446                                             Mohanganj                                     Mohanganj

2450                                           Dharmapasha                                 Dharampasha

2456                                           Moddhynagar                                  Moddoynagar

2460                                              Khaliajuri                                         Khaliajhri

2462                                              Khaliajuri                                         Shaldigha

2470                                                Atpara                                              Atpara

2480                                               Kendua                                            Kendua

2490                                                Madan                                             Madan

You can also visit : Bangladesh Post Office Online.

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  1. I think, today Netrokona's people are very happy about this service.